Smart Lighting Installation

Want Lighting around the home that’s personalised to your lifestyle with an app that enables you to create lighting recipes for the individual user or multiple users around the home? You might want one lighting recipe for watching a movie, add a splash of colour to your dinner party another for a relaxing bath or yet another for reading or working from home.

Switching from one recipe to another is as simple as tapping a smartphone or even yelling at your favourite voice-activated assistant, or do nothing! Group lights in zones and create schedules, you can make all your lights go off or come on or dim to your mood 24/7, also select lighting recipes. Make opportunistic thieves think twice and set lights to activate with your motion or sound.

Vacation mode is another way to use smart lights as a theft deterrent. When enabled your lights will turn on or off randomly, mimicking the behaviour that someone’s home.

Adapting to the weather, connected to a PWS (Personal Weather Station) your lights can talk to this, coming in handy for gloomy cloudy days and rainstorms keeping constant lights levels in otherwise sunny rooms, your smart lights will detect and react when sky darkens and sunlight fades and then also react as the weather rolls through and sunlight breaks through.

It saves you money

The Average person forgets to turn off their light bulbs fairly frequently. It’s something the vast majority of us are guilty of. If you have ever wondered about how much energy you are using just take a look at your meter while the lights are on you will be in for a surprise!

Lighting schedules and dimming schedules save money and improve lighting performance, versus a standard switch each smart dimmer automatically saves between 4-9% in electricity even at the highest lighting levels.

All smart lights use LED bulbs, Halogen lights are now banned in the UK because of their impact on the environment LED bulbs are as bright as Halogen bulbs but use a massive 85% less power and can also with the right know how be dimmed and controlled like Halogen bulbs, this twins great performance along with great savings on your energy bills.