Multi-Room Installation for Video Guildford

Fill one room and all your rooms with your favourite Ultra high definition content. From watching the latest 4k Atmos movies to your favourite TV programmes you can enjoy unlimited entertainment from one or more screens either independently or all at the same time, it’s simple, clutter-free entertainment right at your fingertips.

Multiroom video enables what 20 years ago, seemed impossible. It used to be one TV per house but in standard definition video, now the average house has at least three Smart TV’s, one in the kitchen one in the bedroom and one in the living room. It was virtually impossible before to watch 4k or HD content from one service provider room to another. Multiroom video systems remove these spatial limitations and now make it possible to freely transfer movies and live TV from room to room independently or at the same time.

One TV media collection

Are your movies or favourite series is on a Blu Ray, Skybox or NAS all of this can all be accessed and merged into one easy to use platform.

One App for all

control, your entire personalised TV media system through one app. You’ll have a real-time interface of what is playing in each room and you can make changes to this at any time. Play, pause, record volume up, volume down, next track – all directly through the app.

All the products we have selected

We immerse our selves’ in all things home cinema and all the new technology required to re-create a magical experience, we achieve this by following a few select manufacturers that use the same passion for the best vision, made famous in professional movie-making and recording studios around the world, we feel we really do re-create what the director intended and we will get you as close as possible to reference material from when the media was created in the studio mix.