Multi-Room Installation for Audio Guildford

We believe life should have a soundtrack to make those mundane tasks all the more bearable, please believe us there’s a soundtrack for everything when you have access to huge music libraries with 1000’s of tracks and one interface. Enjoy the music you already own and discover new with the help of smart software that will actually help you discover new artists based on the music and genres you already love.

Multiroom audio enables what, not too long ago, seemed impossible. Think back to when there would be a radio in the bathroom, a CD player in the kitchen and maybe a sound system in the living room. It was virtually impossible to transfer songs from one room to another. Multiroom audio systems remove these spatial limitations and now make it possible to freely transfer music from room to room.

One music library

Is your music is on CD, computer, NAS or Spotify tidal, apple music? This can all be accessed and merged into one music library

One App for all

control, your entire audio system through one app. You’ll have the real-time interface of what is playing in each room and you can make changes to this at any time. Play, pause, volume up, volume down, next track – all directly through the app.

Airplay 2

A great simple approach that works the same way a Bluetooth but over your WiFi network and with far superior 24bit uncompressed audio, ditch all the long-winded process of using one control system and keeping it up to date with the latest software, Airplay is a simple three-step process, search music, select room speaker and airdrop it. Done! High res 24bit audio in one or multiple zones so easy you don’t even need to know how it works.

All the products we have selected have been created by impassioned music lovers music is the number one priority with a mission to create the best sound possible.

This means to reproduce music and sound as close to the natural experience with speakers drivers that produce this as effortlessly as if the instrument was playing in the same room but instead done with innovative engineering precision in replicating it.

As studio production is the most demanding environment for loudspeakers our products are so versatile, if you want one room to multiple rooms around the home we can deliver the same studio-quality sound and vision if mounted on the wall, floor standing or in-wall is required then rest assured our systems are completely customisable.