Audio Visual Installation Guildford

Feed your senses and discover home entertainment that’s beyond your imagination.

Get your little slice of media heaven and immerse yourself in that big blockbuster film or experience high-resolution audio in the comfort of your own home with family and friends providing them with the best jaw-dropping sound and vision experience outside of the studios where the movies were created.

Audio Visual Design

Our AV solutions are all based on good AV design that works for an engineering perspective as well as an atheistic one.

We find good design is based on the fine details to completely tailor an AV solution, we will talk to you about the media you love and the passed AV setups you may have had to build the vital DNA to formulate a solution that will surpass anything your senses have ever experienced before.

The Audio Visual Process

At Digicast Audio Visual we have dedicated 10 years to residential AV projects, from one room to a whole home systems they are our passion from consulting customers just starting out to dedicated audiophiles, cinephiles, Interior designers and Architects.

We will provide you with a AV layout plan and schematic for Free to help you plan your media hub in your  living space, we can also offer the full package designing a 3d render of the room at professional cinema specification from IT networks, CCTV to room acoustics, cinema seating and lighting plans we are there.

Through experience we have learned to project manage in harmony with the other professionals required to see the project through always ensuring we are always done on time and commissioned and handed over to the client on budget.

On-going Maintenance and call-outs are valued by us and our customers to ensure robust systems throughout the life cycle of the products we have built our name on.

The latest advancements in home cinema installation

At Digicast Audio Visual we like to unleash the latest AV technology into your home, we have completed many Smart homes, Dolby Atmos Installations, DTSX and In-home IMAX cinema installations along with 4k HDR Ultra high definition HDMI  matrix systems.

Utilising the best OLED TV or Laser Projector technology along with the  vital ultra-high band width fibre optic and HDMI interconnects that are tested in-house to ensure a robust system that is sustainable for future upgrades as Audio visual technology accelerates on.